Start getting organized with Evernote Free

Make plans. Keep a journal. Clip anything from the web. Evernote Free lets you collect information quickly, organize it easily, and find it when you need it.

Get started with Evernote Free

Remember everything

Capture thoughts and inspiration anywhere, at any time, in any format, and on any device—Your important notes, images, receipts, and documents are safe and right at your fingertips.

Cut through the chaos

Evernote is designed to help you focus. Home keeps your most relevant content front and center. With Tasks, your to-do lists sit next to the info you need to get started.

Clip web pages and articles

Found something useful or valuable online? Don’t let it get away; add it to your Evernote with our convenient browser extension. We’ll even strip out those annoying ads for you.

Find what you need, fast

Organize your way with notebooks and tags, or let our powerful, intuitive search feature do the work. Wherever you go, the notes you need are instantly available.

More than a notebook

Evernote is the easy way to start getting organized so you can get more done.
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Use notebooks to structure your content. Add tags to make it easier to find.

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Articles, recipes, pages, images—keep track of everything useful you find online.

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Find any text in any note. We’ll even catch your typos and make suggestions.

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With Evernote on your computer and phone, your notes are always with you.

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Start your day with a clear view of your most recent and relevant content.

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Capture to-do lists with related notes so you can stay in the flow.

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Share a note with friends or family, even if they don’t use Evernote.

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Safe, secure cloud storage keeps your information protected and private.

Find your Evernote

Whether you want to get organized, keep your personal life on track, or boost workplace productivity, Evernote has the right plan for you.

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Capture ideas and find them quickly
  • Ja Take great notes
  • Ja Sync up to 2 devices  
  • Ja 60 MB monthly uploads
  • Ja 25 MB max. note size
  • Ja Get organized with Home dashboard and 3 widgets
  • Ja Stay on top of it all with in-note tasks
  • Ja Find things fast with search and tags
  • Ja Clip web pages
  • Ja Attach PDFs, receipts, files, photos, images, and documents
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Keep home and family on track
  • Ja Sync unlimited devices
  • Ja 10 GB monthly uploads
  • Ja 200 MB max. note size
  • Ja Customize Home dashboard and access extra widgets
  • Ja Connect primary Google Calendar account
  • Ja Add due dates, reminders, and notifications to your tasks
  • Ja Manage tasks in one place
  • Ja Get offline access on mobile and desktop
  • Ja Search text inside images, docs, and PDFs
  • Ja Create custom templates
  • Ja Mark up images and PDFs