All Saints C of E Primary School

When Nigel Milligan joined the staff at All Saints C of E Primary School in Manchester, one of his tasks was to build a system where student portfolios could be accessed and managed. He was given a massive box containing manila folders, notebooks, memory cards, and logs documenting the examples of the children’s work.

“Nothing was in one place, I thought they were joking,” he recounts the discovery. “I showed the school Evernote and they got the concept immediately.” With the school directors onboard, all of the portfolios were digitized and stored in one place—Evernote Business. Evernote Business made it possible for the entire staff to access and contribute to their students’ portfolios. Keeping an overview of their progress and development became easily manageable.

Setting Up for Success with Spaces in Evernote Business

In addition to being the central hub for storing and managing student portfolios, Evernote Business also became the way to communicate important information amongst the staff. The introduction of the Spaces feature brought a fuller collaboration experience to Nigel and his team, as they could now share many notebooks at once simply by inviting users to a Space.

Currently, the team works with several Spaces. An Assessment Space contains twelve notebooks populated with language assessments, arithmetic assessments, and reports. Another Space called Curriculum contains notebooks detailing requirements and expected standards for each academic subject. A Policy and School Information Space includes all of the school’s regulations and timetables.

There are also Spaces containing specialized content made available only to selected staff members. For example, the Technical Information Space created by Nigel is shared just with the school leadership and other relevant IT stakeholders. With Spaces in Evernote, sharing information is easy, fast, and flexible.

For over 300 years, All Saints School has sought to provide a solid education to the children of Newton Heath in Manchester, England.

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