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Evernote Business integrated workflow management solutions

Take the work out of workflows

Success isn’t just about what your team does; it’s also about how you do it. And let’s face it—sometimes those processes are messy. Projects and deliverables are in different stages. Prospects aren’t all at the same points along a pipeline and information is buried in a dizzying array of tools and apps. It’s helpful to view work as it progresses, but sometimes teams spend as much time managing the process as actually doing the job.

With Evernote Business, you can easily keep track of it all, whatever stage it happens to be in.

From editorial calendars to sales pipelines to active projects, organize by workflow to save time on recurring work. When everything’s in one place, your team has the visibility it needs to move work forward. And the best part? You’ll be able to answer all the “where are we on that?” type questions, because you’ll know exactly where you are on everything.

Move work along and always be ready for what’s next

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Organize work by project phase, pipeline stage, or whatever your team is capable of dreaming up.

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Flexibly move content between stages to keep track of work as it progresses from “doing” to done.

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Cut back on meetings by quickly keeping team members up to date on status and what’s next.

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Integrate with Salesforce, Google Docs, or dozens of other apps to fit your team’s working style.

Simplify so your team can focus on moving work forward

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