Report a Security Issue

If you believe you’ve found a security vulnerability in an Evernote application, the Evernote platform, or our infrastructure that could harm Evernote or anyone who uses Evernote, please let us know by e-mailing details of your finding to

Please remember our User Guidelines and don't violate anyone's privacy, interfere with anyone's account, or destroy any data. Please don't interrupt or degrade our services. And please give us a reasonable amount of time to respond before publicly disclosing your findings.

If you'd like to encrypt or sign your communications with us, please use our PGP/GPG public key.

Evernote Security Hall of Fame

The individuals and teams listed below were the first to tell us about vulnerabilities that could harm Evernote or anyone who uses Evernote. Each of them have helped us make Evernote safer. If you disclosed a vulnerability to us before we created the Hall of Fame and would like to be listed, please let us know.