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From concepts to products

Co-founder and longtime Evernote user Daniel Freitag found that the fastest and easiest way to share product inspiration across the team was saving it to Evernote. And as his team collaborated, transforming ideas into products, business notebooks gave everyone involved a transparent, visual view into a project’s progress.

No idea left behind

The Freitag creative process generates a lot of designs that aren’t workshopped into products right away. The team customized their organization system in Evernote, combining notebooks and tags to maintain their fast-growing body of work.

Completed projects become valuable reference material, searchable by keyword and discoverable to everyone in the company. “Sometimes, we come across earlier ideas that were scrapped, but then we’ll put them in a new context and they become useful again,” said Daniel Freitag. With Evernote Business, no idea or key learning ever gets lost in the shuffle.

FREITAG is a Swiss company that transforms recycled materials into award-winning bags and accessories. The brainstorming process at FREITAG is collaborative and physical, with designers exploring ideas on whiteboards and Post-it® Notes. The team needed a solution for capturing that creative output and (subsequent) product research in one place.

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