Gantrex is one of the first and largest players in the business of providing custom crane and specialty rail tracks solutions, and the company’s engineering teams often find themselves working at ports, shipyards, and construction sites across various industries. Fieldwork requires precision and very particular construction specifications, and the company uses Evernote to keep the information and knowledge flowing between onsite and office.

Connecting the Islands of Knowledge

Before the implementation of Evernote, engineers and project managers working in the field had a difficult time requesting information from and sending their observations to regional offices and headquarters. Information wasn’t flowing to the people who needed it.

While searching for a solution to his company’s problem, Alberto Beraza, Gantrex’s COO and Regional VP of Spain, came across Evernote’s Certified Consultants Program. Evernote Certified Consultants (ECCs) are recognized professionals with comprehensive Evernote training. Alberto reached out to Rafa García, an ECC based near him in the Spanish region of Galicia.

Working Together with an Evernote Certified Consultant

Together, Alberto and Rafa conducted a series of calls with Gantrex’s offices around the world. Rafa quickly came to understand the company’s needs and pain points, and invited several additional key stakeholders from Gantrex headquarters in Brussels to the consultation process. Once the managers began to use Evernote to share notes and images, they started to see the information flow—both between offices and vertically.

One Central Place for the Most Up-to-Date Information

The company created several core notebooks, including: a Technical Library featuring research articles and the latest news from R&D; a Claims Database dedicated to logging customer claims; and a Norms & Specs notebook comprising the construction regulations from all the countries in which Gantrex’s products are used. With these notebooks in place and all the information in Evernote Business, engineers and managers on the field could reduce the number of emails they needed to send to carry out their projects. “Thanks to Evernote Business, we were finally able to bring company knowledge to the people,” confirms Alberto Beraza.

Founded in 1971 as a supplier of rail fastening systems, Gantrex has evolved to become the global market leader in crane and specialty rail tracks solutions. Headquartered in the Belgian city of Nivelles, the group is active on all continents and employs 300 people across 17 countries.

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