About the Evernote Market

Evernote’s goal is to make you better at everything, from your day’s tasks to your life’s work. This ambition doesn’t end with our apps. In collaboration with our favorite companies, designers, and manufacturers, we bring you the Evernote Market, a selection of noteworthy products designed to improve more of your everyday. These five principles define our vision.

Software + Hardware. Designed Together.

We believe the most satisfying product experiences happen when software and hardware are designed by a single team with a singular vision. Every Evernote integration is a true collaboration.

Physical Objects, Digital Life

There are objects we never want to live without. Rather than trying to replace the tangible traditions we know and love, we extend their utility with a digital life.

Life Meets Work

Balance in work and life is easier to achieve with the right tools. It’s our mission to find and create products that enable you to work smarter and live better.

Global Finds

Our travels and partnerships expose us to undiscovered, local, and little-known products. The Market is our place to share these global finds with you.

Essential Items, Incrementally Improved

When you use an object all day, every day, a small improvement can make a big difference. We look for opportunities to reduce needless friction in our daily lives.