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Evernote Market Desk
Meet the Modern Desktop
Introducing our new collection of desktop accessories designed to bring warmth, personality, and character to the modern office. It’s a first of its kind collaboration between Evernote and acclaimed designer Eric Pfeiffer.
Catch-All Tray
Hold everything
The Pfeiffer Collection by Evernote is an exclusive family of accessories that brings a more perfect order to the desktop. Designed to work together or stand alone, these vessels achieve a balance of beauty and purpose.
pfeiffer Cup
Small scale, bold statement
We collaborated with furniture designer Eric Pfeiffer, whose distinctive designs are renowned worldwide. The collection translates his iconic design language into sleekly styled products for the modern office.
Catch-All Tray
Wood Bases
With painstaking attention to detail, we merged natural and synthetic materials that fit together effortlessly. Choose from Slotted Cups, a Catch-All Tray, or a Tablet Dish.
Moleskine notebooks
Bright Bases
Made from soft-touch plastic, these pieces hold your phone, tablet, and other essentials close at hand, while creating a more inspired desktop. Choose from three colors.
Moleskine notebooks