Evernote Notebooks by Moleskine

Give life to your ideas

Take a photo of any page in this book with Evernote’s new Page Camera feature (or Document mode in the Evernote Camera if you're using iOS7) and it instantly becomes digital so that you can save it, search it and share it with the world. This book contains specially formatted paper, designed specifically for use with Evernote. Each book comes with a free 3 month subscription to Evernote Premium.

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  • Organize

    Tag notes or sketches with Smart Stickers

  • Save

    Digitize entire pages with Evernote's Page Camera

  • Search

    Locate notes by tags or search inside handwritten words.

  • Share

    Sync your notes across all devices and share as needed.

  • The Future with Evernote

    Once you've digitized your notes in Evernote, they'll become searchable across all your devices so you can access them anywhere, anytime. Smart Stickers let you tag specific page elements to designated notebooks --like your packing list for your Travel notebook. You can selectively share your notes with friends, family and colleagues via Shared Notebooks.

  • The Pleasure of Paper

    Your ideas, written on paper, saved forever in Evernote. Choose from our traditional Classic, the Sketchbook with 120-gram art paper, or the thinner single-subject Journal. Digitize your words and sketches with Evernote's Page Camera.

  • The Power of Premium

    Your Moleskine purchase comes with trial access to Evernote Premium, which provides special features and enhanced functionality including priority support, higher monthly uploads, and more robust collaboration features.

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