Paper jams or damage to documents may occur if you scan the documents without aligning the edges first.

Documents larger than A4/Letter size (such as A3, 11 × 17 in., and B4) can be scanned with the Carrier Sheet. By folding the document in half and scanning in duplex mode, the two sides can be merged into a single image.

For details about documents that can be loaded, refer to Documents Suitable for Use with the Carrier Sheet.


You can also scan a double-sided document that is smaller than A4/Letter size, and output the image as a double-page spread image.

  1. Click Settings Icon in the pop-up menu and select [Settings].

    The [ScanSnap Manager Evernote Edition] Window ([General] Tab) appears.

  2. Click the [Show Advanced Settings] button in the [General] tab.

  3. Select [One double-page spread image] for [Carrier sheet mode] and close the window.


    When [Single-sided] is selected for [Scanning side] in the [Documents] tab, ScanSnap Manager saves the same result as when [Two separate images (front and back)] is selected.

  4. Place the document inside the Carrier Sheet.

    1. Fold the document in half so that the sides you want to scan are facing outwards.

      Fold it tightly and smooth out any creases.

      Folding a Document in Half
    2. Open the Carrier Sheet to bind the document.

      Align the fold line with the right edge of the Carrier Sheet so that the document fits in the upper right-hand corner.

      Placing a Document inside the Carrier Sheet

      Note that the front side of the Carrier Sheet has a solid vertical line on its upper right-hand corner.

  5. Place the end with the black and white pattern as the leading edge in the direction of the arrow.

    Secure the Carrier Sheet with the side guides to avoid skewing.

    Loading a Document in the ScanSnap
  6. Press the Scan button on the ScanSnap.

    Both sides of the document are scanned and saved as one double-page spread image.

    Double-Page Spread Image


  • There may be a line or a gap between the front and back side images on the double-page spread image.

    Also, when the scanned paper is thick, images on both left and right may be skewed towards each other from the top.

    These symptoms may improve when you perform the following:

    • Fold the document tightly

    • Align the edges of the document neatly with the edges of the Carrier Sheet when binding the document with the Carrier Sheet

    • Turn over the Carrier Sheet to the other (reverse) side

  • If [Automatic] is specified for [Carrier sheet paper size] in the [ScanSnap Manager Evernote Edition] window, an optimal size will be selected automatically from the standard sizes (A3, B4, or 11 × 17 in.) available in [Carrier sheet paper size]. Note that the size of the image may become smaller than the original document depending on the document scanned.


    When characters and illustrations are printed to fit in A4 size in the center of an A3 size document

    The scanned image is output in B4 size.

    To save the scanned image in the actual size of the document, specify its paper size in [Carrier sheet paper size].

  • Part of the image around where the document is folded may appear missing. In that case, set the document so its edge is about 1 mm inside from the edge of the Carrier Sheet.


You can load multiple Carrier Sheets in the ADF paper chute (cover).