Using the Carrier Sheet allows you to scan documents that can be damaged quite easily such as photographs, or non-standard size documents that are difficult to load directly such as clippings.

For details about documents that can be loaded, refer to Documents Suitable for Use with the Carrier Sheet.

  1. Click Settings Icon in the pop-up menu and select [Settings].

    The [ScanSnap Manager Evernote Edition] Window ([General] Tab) appears.

  2. Click the [Show Advanced Settings] button in the [General] tab.

  3. Select [Two separate images (front and back)] for [Carrier sheet mode] and close the window.

  4. Place the document inside the Carrier Sheet.

    Place it against the top center of the Carrier Sheet.

    Placing a Document in the Carrier Sheet
  5. Place the end with the black and white pattern as the leading edge in the direction of the arrow.

    Load the Carrier Sheet face-down in the ADF paper chute (cover), as shown below.

    Secure the Carrier Sheet with the side guides to avoid skewing.

    Loading a Document in the ScanSnap
  6. Press the Scan button on the ScanSnap.

    Scanning starts and the scanned image is saved.


  • The scanned image is output at the center of the page in the size specified for [Carrier sheet paper size] in the [ScanSnap Manager Evernote Edition] window.

  • If [Automatic] is specified for [Carrier sheet paper size] in the [ScanSnap Manager Evernote Edition] window, an optimal size will be selected automatically from the standard sizes available in [Carrier sheet paper size]. Note that the size of the image may become smaller than the original document depending on the document scanned, or part of the image may appear missing.


    When an A5 size image is printed in the center of an A4 size document

    The scanned image is output in A5 size.

    To save the scanned image in the actual size of the document, specify its paper size in [Carrier sheet paper size].

  • When you scan receipts, directly load them in the ScanSnap.

    When you use the Carrier Sheet, select [Receipts] for [Scan mode] in the pop-up menu, and then scan the receipts.

  • In the following cases, place a blank (white) sheet of paper underneath the document when scanning.

    • The scanned image is not saved in the correct size (when [Automatic] is selected for [Carrier sheet paper size] in the [ScanSnap Manager Evernote Edition] window)

    • Shadows appear around the edges of the scanned image

    • Black lines appear around the edges of a uniquely shaped cutting

    Blank Paper underneath the Document
  • You can load multiple Carrier Sheets in the ADF paper chute (cover).