Receipts and other documents with a length up to 863 mm (34 in.) can be scanned.


For details about loading documents shorter than 360 mm (14.17 in), refer to Directly Loading Documents to Scan in the ScanSnap.

Scan long page documents in the following procedure.

  1. Load only one sheet of document in the ScanSnap.

  2. Hold the document with your hand so that it does not fall out of the ADF paper chute (cover).

    Holding the Document with Your Hand
  3. Press and hold the Scan button on the ScanSnap for 3 seconds or longer until it starts flashing in green.

    Scanning starts and the scanned image is saved.


    When you scan the first document as a long page document, the next documents will also be scanned as long pages.

Secure enough space around the stacker to prevent the ejected sheet from falling off.

Receiving the Document