Features of the ScanSnap

The main features of the ScanSnap are as follows:


Turn documents into digital data by just pressing the Scan button

By converting paper documents cluttering up your desk into PDF or JPEG files, you can conveniently view, edit, manage, and archive the documents in Evernote.

The document type is automatically detected and the scanned image is saved to the notebook in Evernote specified for the detected document type.


Speedy scanning

Double-sided color documents of A4 or Letter size can be scanned at approximately 25 sheets/minute.


Scan test system and scan settings are as shown below.

  • Scan test system

    Intel® Core™ i5 2.5 GHz or higher processor, 4 GB or more memory

    OS X v10.9, OS X v10.8, or Mac OS X v10.7

  • Scan settings

    Default settings

    When the default settings are not used, and scanning is performed under the following conditions, scanning speed may slow down.

    • When scanning documents in [B&W] (black & white) mode


      Scanning color brochures in [B&W] mode (converting a color image to black & white)

    Scanning speed may also slow down when you have enabled other functions.


Small size saves desktop space

Smaller than an A4 or Letter size paper, the ScanSnap does not require much desktop space.