How to Scan a Document and Save the Scanned Image to Evernote

After the ScanSnap scans a document, the ScanSnap automatically detects the type of the document and saves the scanned image to the notebook in Evernote specified for the document type.

Operation Flow for Saving a Scanned Image to Evernote

You can scan a document and save the scanned image to Evernote in the following procedure.

  1. Load a document in the ScanSnap.

    For details, refer to How to Load Documents.

  2. Press the Scan button on the ScanSnap to start a scan.

    ScanSnap Manager links with the Evernote client to save the scanned image to Evernote.


    You need to sign in to Evernote in advance to save scanned images to Evernote.

    If you have not signed in to Evernote, the sign-in window of Evernote appears after scanning a document.


    When the document type is detected as a business card or photograph, or when a receipt is saved in a JPEG format, a note is created for each document.

    Otherwise, a note is created for the documents scanned in a single scan.

  3. Check the scanned image saved to Evernote.

    Evernote Window