Replacing the Consumables

The Roller Set is made up of the brake roller and the pick roller.

The procedure for replacing each roller is as follows.

  1. Unplug the power cable from the ScanSnap.

  2. Remove the documents from the ADF paper chute (cover).

  3. Pull the ADF release tab to open the ADF top section.

    Opening the ADF Top Section
  4. Replace the brake roller.

    1. Open the cover.

      Hold both ends of the cover, and open it in the direction of the arrow.

      Opening the Cover of the Brake Roller
    2. Remove the brake roller shaft.

      Lift the right side of the roller first, then pull out the shaft from the slot on the left.

      Removing the Brake Roller Shaft
    3. Remove the brake roller from its shaft.

      Removing the Brake Roller from Its Shaft
    4. Attach a new brake roller on the shaft.

      Insert the protrusion on the shaft into the slot.

      Installing the Brake Roller to Its Shaft
    5. Install the brake roller with its shaft.

      Fit the left end of the shaft in the slot, then install the rest of the shaft in place.

      Installing the Brake Roller Shaft
    6. Close the cover.


      Confirm that the shaft is attached properly. Otherwise, paper jams or other feeding errors may occur.

  5. Replace the pick roller.

    1. Open the sheet guide.

      Slide the side guides all the way, and pull the sheet guide open from the dip.

      Opening the Sheet Guide
    2. Rotate the bushing on the shaft.

      Rotating the Bushing on the Shaft
    3. Remove the pick roller.

      Gently lift the right side of the shaft (about 5 mm), move it towards the right, and then pull it out.

      Removing the Pick Roller


      Be careful not to touch the gear near the bushing on the shaft as it contains grease.

    4. Install a new pick roller on the ScanSnap.

      Insert the left end of the shaft into the slot, and lower the other end gradually.

      Installing the Pick Roller
    5. Rotate the bushing to lock the shaft.

      Rotating the Bushing to Lock the Shaft


      Confirm that the pick roller is installed properly. Otherwise, paper jams or other feeding errors may occur.

    6. Close the sheet guide.

      Make sure that both ends of the sheet guide are locked firmly.

  6. Close the ADF top section.

    Closing the ADF Top Section

    It clicks when it returns to its original position.

  7. Connect the power cable, and turn on the ScanSnap.

  8. Reset the Roller Set counter.

    1. Click Settings Icon in the pop-up menu and select [Settings].

      The [ScanSnap Manager Evernote Edition] window appears.

    2. Click the [Information] tab.

    3. Click the [Reset] button.

      A confirmation message appears.

    4. Click the [Yes] button.

      The Roller Set counter turns "0".