[ScanSnap Manager Evernote Edition] Window ([Information] Tab)

In this window, you can check the information of the ScanSnap and ScanSnap Manager.

The [Information] tab consists of the following:

Version Information

Displays the version information of ScanSnap Manager.

[Check for Updates] button

Click to check if the latest version of ScanSnap Manager is available.

Scanner Information

Displays the information on the ScanSnap currently connected.

This information is not displayed if ScanSnap Manager is not communicating with the ScanSnap.

[Reset] button

After replacing the Roller Set (pick roller and brake roller), click to set the counter to "0".

Do not click the [Reset] button except when the Roller Set is replaced.

Trademark Information

Displays the trademark information.

ScanSnap site

Displays the URL of the ScanSnap global homepage.

Evernote site

Displays the URL of the Evernote web page.


Click to display "Terms and Conditions for End User License".

Copyright Information

Displays the copyright information.