Removing a Document Jammed inside the ScanSnap

This section explains how to remove a document when it is jammed inside the ScanSnap during scanning.

  • Be careful not to touch any sharp parts upon removing jammed documents. Doing so may result in injury.

  • Be careful not to get your accessories (for example, ties or necklaces) or hair caught inside the ScanSnap. Doing so may cause injury.

  • The scan glass surface may become extremely hot during operation. Be careful not to burn yourself.


  • Do not use force to pull out the jammed document, and make sure to open the ADF top section first and then remove the document.

  1. Remove the document from the ADF paper chute (cover).

  2. Pull the ADF release tab to open the ADF top section.

    Opening the ADF Top Section
  3. Remove the jammed document.

    Removing the Document
  4. Close the ADF top section.

    Closing the ADF Top Section

    It clicks when it returns to its original position.


    • Confirm that the ADF top section is completely closed.

      Otherwise, paper jams or other feeding errors, or image faults may occur.