Notes When Using the ScanSnap

Be careful of the following when you use the ScanSnap:

  • You cannot simultaneously use multiple ScanSnaps connected to a computer.

  • During scanning or when the lamp's light intensity is stabilizing, do not perform the following. Doing so may cause the system to become unstable.

    • Unplugging and plugging the USB cable connecting to the ScanSnap

    • Turning ON/OFF the ScanSnap

    • Uninstalling ScanSnap Manager

    • Logging out of the computer

    • Restarting the computer

    • Exiting the system

  • After the computer has resumed from sleep mode, or immediately after login, or when the user account has been switched, the computer may not communicate with the ScanSnap correctly. In that case, turn off the ScanSnap and then turn it on again.