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Evernote @ SXSW

Spread the Words

We’ve teamed up with SXSW to share insights on the future of work. We'll take the notes for you from 30+ sessions of the Workplace track so you can share words that turn ideas into reality.

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SXSW Workplace Track

Leading the way to a happier workplace

How can we stay in touch with our humanity in an increasingly automated work environment?

Take a seat at the table

We'll take the notes so you can enjoy 30+ sessions in the SXSW Workplace Track about the future of work.

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Raise your note-taking game

Need a template to organize and manage your own notes at SXSW or any other conference, event, or class?

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Take Notes On The Go

Tips for capturing details with mobile

Grab and share images, words, drawings, and sound from your mobile device for a more immersive learning experience.

  • Listen to your notes

    Did you know you can record and save audio in Evernote? Save wear and tear on your texting thumbs.

  • Take pics–saves typing

    We used to say “take a picture, it lasts longer!” Now, snap photos to enhance and illustrate notes.

  • Find notes fast

    Whether you’re organized or just put stuff anywhere, find notes by searching for any word in a note.

  • Put favorites up front

    Be sure to add the SXSW notebook to your shortcuts list for quick and easy access.

  • Collaborate for good

    Work together to be the change. Share notes and spread the knowledge you're collecting with friends.

  • Get or send a small nudge

    Everyone needs reminders to get things done. Help friends (or yourself) to stay on track with plans.

A Final Note

The world’s top thinkers’ ideas, captured by pros.

Mind-blowing concepts from global conferences, captured by Evernote's professional note-takers.

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Some of the world’s most inspiring trendsetters, inventors, and heroes gathered at the Tobacco Dock in London for WIRED's annual flagship conference to share their mesmerizing stories.

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The Best of Web Summit ’16

Over 50,000 people descended upon the Portuguese capital of Lisbon for Web Summit. Read what's on the minds of today's leaders, corporate visionaries, and technologists.

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