Daily Mental Health Journal

We've partnered with Talkspace to bring you this template that helps you prioritize your mental health by checking in with yourself twice daily.

Discover better days with journaling

Daily journaling encourages you to consider the why and how, as well as the what. Spending time focusing on how you’re feeling and what you’re facing can help you create better, more productive days.

Build your intentions with reflections

Think of your journal as your best friend—one you can confide in at the end of the day. Reflecting on how your day made you feel can help you set intentions for a successful tomorrow.

Make your mindset a habit

Bring your wandering mind back to focus and actively engage with the present moment using journaling prompts. By giving yourself an outlet for your thoughts and emotions, you create a healthy habit for honoring your mind.

Be humble with gratitude

Wondering how to start daily journaling? Begin each day with a positive outlook by listing what you are grateful for in your life. Return to it every morning to lay down the foundation for a great day and remind yourself of all the good things in life.

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Journaling for mental health is a form of empowerment, inspiring you to express your innermost sentiments, fears, and dreams. Use this daily journaling template to help you create good habits, reach your goals, and prioritize your mental wellness.

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How to Get Started with Daily Journaling

Journaling for Mental Health: A Therapist’s Guide