The Triple Overload That Threatens Your Team’s Effectiveness

Has digital transformation saddled your team with higher, hidden costs?

The digital workplace derives many benefits from more data, new tools, and globalization. It also faces constant distractions. Today’s most connected businesses must therefore contend with a triple threat: data overload, communication overload, and cognitive overload.

In short, attention has become a resource more scarce than time. Learn to recognize the signs and discover what your team can do to combat rising costs, employee burnout, and decreased productivity.

Written by two leading productivity experts, this whitepaper helps you:

  • Identify and diagnose the symptoms of triple overload

  • Understand the real costs to your business

  • Find practical fixes for individuals within your team

  • Adopt best practices to create a more productive company culture

“The average knowledge worker wastes about 2.5 hours per day searching for information, which is about 30% of your total salary costs.”

Dr. Beat Bühlmann

Evernote General Manager, EMEA

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