Finally. Some Rules of the Road for Managing a Virtual Team.

Is your virtual team caught in the chaos of communication?

What would happen if everyone decided for themselves which side of the road to drive on? Chaos. The same is true for companies supporting remote employees. If everyone is free to choose their own way of communication, all your expectations of priority, urgency and response time will never be met.

Here’s a great step toward clearing all that up. “The Virtual Team Management Whitepaper”. Co-authored by Google and Evernote, you will learn management skills specific to running virtual teams. From how to recruit, to keeping a team focused, happy and on track, this is something you need to read.

This whitepaper helps you:

  • Identify and diagnose communication gaps

  • Understand how virtual team management differs from traditional management

  • Find practical fixes and take proactive steps to hire and run a productive team

“Virtual teams possess characteristics that set them apart from conventional teams. This, of course, affects the required leadership style for virtual teams.”

York Scheunemann

The Virtual Team Management Whitepaper

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