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Posts by Anthony Bartlett

Headed Back to School? Keep Your Cool With Evernote

Heading back to school with a game plan can make all the difference to your success this year. We have the tips to give you a head start.

Your Password or Your (Digital) Life: How to Protect Yourself From the Latest Online Threats

Having your identity stolen can have serious consequences. Learn about the steps you can take to protect yourself and keep your online accounts secure.

What’s Next for Tasks? We’ve Been Listening to You.

To everyone who explored Tasks in Early Access and gave us feedback, we say “thank you.” Now see what’s next & how your input makes Evernote better every day.

New Features, New Plans, and a Bold Future for Evernote

CEO Ian Small presents our exciting new feature lineup, new subscription plans to fit the way you work, and our vision for a more connected and helpful future.

Manage Your To-Dos and Stay on Top of Your Day With Evernote’s Latest Features

A roundup of Evernote changes from recent months, including the return of import folders, quick switcher shortcuts, published business notebooks, & more.

Save the Files You Need More Easily With Import Folders

One of the most-requested legacy features in Evernote for Windows is making its return, and now it’s available for Mac customers too.

Tasks: Checking Off Another Step in Evernote’s Evolution

Evernote CEO Ian Small explains how Tasks, our newest feature now available in Early Access, helps you move beyond remembering to accomplish more every day.

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