Weekly Planner Template

What is a weekly plan? You can create a weekly plan by organizing your to-dos and tasks for the week. Use our weekly planner template to stay focused on important events and priorities. Add notes to highlight what’s critical each day.

See the big picture

Weekly planners help you get all the little things done each day. See the big picture and figure out what needs to get done fast with this Weekly Planner template.

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Make plans

When you know what’s on your schedule for the week, you can make plans for after-work hours more easily. With our weekly planner template, you’ll know which days are open, which days are busy, and, if something comes up, when you’re available for rescheduling.

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Coordinate schedules

Setting time to connect with your partner or work colleagues is a breeze with a weekly planner. Track the days and dates of the week and add the times of your most important projects with a few simple clicks.

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Increase productivity

Keeping your important dates and deadlines on sticky notes can lead to disorganization. Losing critical information can lead to lost productivity. Keep all your important dates, notes, and reminders in this weekly planner template and you can always be sure you have the details in front of you.

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Set weekly goals

Setting goals is a great way to keep moving forward. Holding yourself accountable and taking steps toward reaching your goals each week from wherever you are is a snap with this printable weekly planner template.

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Make weekends count

Sometimes the week can get so busy that you forget to plan for the weekend—and then have to scramble to make fun plans. This weekly planner template has space to record recreational activities for your time off.

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Decrease stress

It's easy for stress to creep in when you don’t know what needs to get done next. By putting your critical tasks in a weekly planner, you can manage your time more easily. Knowing you have a plan helps you breathe easier and know when to take a break.