A New Phase in the History of Evernote

Hi everyone,

I’m Luca Ferrari, an Evernote user since 2012, and a co-founder and the CEO of Bending Spoons.

We’re a technology company based in Milan, Italy, specializing in consumer apps. We’re not a household name yet, but we’ve been quietly achieving some pretty awesome things in the last decade or so, and several of our products have been category leaders on the app stores for years. You may be familiar with Splice and Remini, to name a couple. All in all, 100 million people all over the world use our products every month.

It’s a great pleasure to announce that, earlier today, Bending Spoons became the new owner of Evernote.

Why were we so eager to acquire Evernote? Put simply, we see a product and brand with great potential. Furthermore, the technologies and know-how Bending Spoons has developed resonate with Evernote wonderfully, and make us confident that we can bring it to new heights.

I wanted to write to you, the loyal Evernote customers, to tell you the exciting news personally. I also wanted to hail the efforts of the team behind such a special product.

Indeed, for millions, Evernote is far more than simply a product: it’s the place where you organize your lives. It’s a second brain. And we’ll work hard to make sure the best is yet to come.

Here’s to the future of Evernote!