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Evernote release notes

Below you can find release notes for the latest Evernote version on Desktop, Web, and Mobile.

This page is automatically updated with each release.

Desktop & Web:

Version 10.76.2 - Latest

14 features now available for all users (free and paying alike):

  • Notes: Note history & restore, offline notes & notebooks
  • Attachments: PDF annotation, PDF export, business card scanning, spreadsheet preview
  • Search: Document & image search, geographic search, boolean search
  • Convenience: Email notes into Evernote, share notes via email, custom global keyboard shortcuts
  • Customization: Customize the “create” button on Mobile, add custom templates


  • The breadcrumbs now also include the title of a note
  • Added alignment options for images within a note


  • Resolved a problem where stacks were not displayed in the Notebook list during searches
  • Addressed a conflict issue in Scratchpad
  • Fixed Tags sorting issues in the new UI


For mobile release notes, please visit the respective Apple and Google stores.

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