Guide to Using Evernote with Post-it® Notes


Introducing Post-it (r) Notes

Capture Post-it® Notes into Evernote on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with device cameras, Android devices, and Windows phones.


Use Evernote to transform one of the world’s most powerful productivity tools into a beautiful, digitally enhanced format that makes it easy to search, share, and access Post-it® Notes from all your devices.


A few great ways you can use Post-it® Notes with Evernote:

  • Easily capture, organize, and search handwritten notes
  • Get pop-up and email reminders to notify you of Post-it® Notes with deadlines and events
  • Brainstorm with Post-it® Notes and keep a digital, searchable record


Find out which Post-it® Notes work best with Evernote.

Which Post-it® Notes work best with Evernote?

Types of notes

The following Post-it® Notes are compatible with Evernote:

  • Standard (3 x 3 inch) square Post-it® Notes typically used for jotting down ideas, doodles, and brainstorming
  • Post-it® Big Pad (11 x 11 inch) a larger size especially useful for collaborative team sessions or for sketching out more complex concepts and ideas which require more space


Post-it® Notes optimized for Evernote

For the best experience, use the Post-it® Note colors designed specially for Evernote:

  • Electric YellowElectric Yellow
  • LimeadeLimeade
  • Electric BlueElectric Blue
  • Neon PinkNeon Pink


How Evernote enhances Post-it® Notes

When you capture notes in these optimized colors, Evernote automatically performs the following enhancements:

  1. Automatic organization with Evernote notebooks, tags, and reminders
  2. Drawing and text contrast is improved
  3. Note tilt and rotation will be corrected
  4. Note edges will be perfectly cropped
Post-it(r) Notes Holder - Quad Style

Custom Post-it® Notes holders

Evernote teamed up with 3M to create custom note holders. You can choose from the following two Evernote Post-it® Note Holders:

  • Four stackable, single note holders
  • Quad note holders with four separate sections


Complimentary Evernote Premium

Purchase Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, Big Pad, or the single Note Holder and receive 1 month of Evernote Premium. Purchase the quad Post-it Note Holder and receive 3 months of Evernote Premium. You may redeem one, one-month code per 12 month period and one, three-month code per 12 month period. Redeem your Evernote Premium here.


Start capturing Post-it® Notes into Evernote.

Capture Post-it® Notes into Evernote

Capture Post-it® Notes into Evernote on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with device cameras, Android devices, and Windows phones.


The Evernote camera is specially designed to enhance and transform your Post-it® Notes into beautiful, digital replicas of all your notes.

How to capture notes using the Post-it® Note Mode

Write clearly and legibly on a Post-it® Note with any type of pen or ink. Then, follow these steps to capture your notes into Evernote:


1. Start the Evernote Post-it® Note camera

  • Android: Tap and hold the floating, plus sign (+) button from any note, notebook, or tag list, then tap Camera (or tap the camera on the Evernote widget).
  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch: Tap Photos (camera) button from the home screen or from any opened note.
  • Windows Phone: Swipe to select the Post-it® camera.


2. Take the photo

Position the Post-it® Note so that it's visible inside the frame, then snap the photo:

  • iPod Touch, earlier iPhone and iPad models, and Windows phones: The camera is on manual capture mode, by default. Tap the shutter button to snap a photo.
  • Newer iOS devices: By default, the camera starts in auto-mode and captures the photo automatically. Tap the lined paper image at the top of the screen to switch to manual capture mode.


3. Preview, then save or discard

To preview captured note(s), tap the captured image or thumbnail(s) of captured notes. From here you can select particular pages to keep or discard.

  • Save: To save a note, tap Save (iOS), or tap the checkmark (Android).
  • Discard: To discard a note, tap the trash bin (Android and Windows), or tap and hold down on an image from the thumbnail tray and slide towards the top of the screen. Keep sliding upwards until the the trash bin appears and the thumbnail disappears.



Post-it(r) Note camera on iPhone


Post-it(r) Note mode on Android phone

View Post-it® Notes


Post-it Notes as individual notes
Multiple Post-it Notes inside a note


If you capture multiple notes at a time, Evernote saves the entire set of Post-it® Notes as a single, Evernote note. To save each Post-it® Note as an individual, Evernote note, just confirm and save after each photo, then capture a new photo for the next note you'd like to save.


Once you have saved your Post-it® Notes to Evernote, you can easily organize them and set reminders for them

Organize & set reminders

Once Post-it® Notes have been captured into Evernote, you can organize them into notebooks, tag them, and set reminders as you would with any other note in Evernote.

For the best experience, however, use Post-it® Notes optimized for Evernote (Post-it® Notes in Electric Yellow, Limeade, Electric Blue, and Neon Pink) where each Post-it® Notes note color can be automatically assigned to one Evernote notebook, one Evernote tag, and one Post-it® Notes reminder.


Assign notebooks, tags, and reminders


Settings and reminders
Electric Yellow settings

Customize how your Post-it® Notes are saved


To customize your Post-it® Note settings, do the following:

1. Go to your account Settings

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Windows Phone: Tap your account username
  • Android: Tap the three vertical dots at the top of an notes, notebooks, or tags list screen to change your account settings


2. Go to Post-it® Notes settings

  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch: Tap General > Camera > Post-it® Notes
  • Android: Tap Settings > Camera > Post-it® Notes
  • Windows Phone: Tap General > Post-it® Notes


3. Select the Post-it® Note color to change its associated notebook, tag, or reminder.

Ways you can organize Post-it® Notes in Evernote:


  1. Electric Yellow Post-it® Notes – Save to a “To do” notebook with reminders and view all of them in the reminders list By default, Electric Yellow Post-it® Notes come preset with reminders
  2. Limeade Post-it® Notes – Tag as “To Share," so you can easily identify notes you would like to share with others
  3. Electric Blue Post-it® Notes – Save into a “Design Ideas” notebook
  4. Neon Pink Post-it® Notes – Save into a “Leisure” or “Just for Fun” notebook

Search handwritten notes

Once a Post-it® Note is saved into Evernote, all handwritten text on the note is recognized and becomes searchable. Just search for any word inside Evernote and all notes containing that word will appear.