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Get personalized coaching from a trained professional to unlock greater efficiency, organization, and productivity with Evernote.

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An Expert will tailor solutions to your unique challenges and needs. You’ll maximize your productivity and organization with Evernote so you can accomplish more.

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An Expert can help you customize workflows, streamline processes, and organize more effectively. Meet your Expert remotely with multiple language options available.

Certified by Evernote

Experts complete a rigorous, six-part education program. When you see the Certified by Evernote badge, you can feel confident they’ve earned our trust—and are worthy of yours.

Find an Evernote Certified Expert

Alberto Grados Mitteenn

Business Administrator, Master in Educational Technology. Specialist certified by Google and Microsoft. University professor and consultant on issues related to digital technology and productivity.


Alejandro Ramírez Díaz

Alejandro Ramírez has a Computer Science Degree, with experience in SCADA Systems and process automation. As ECC helps to optimize internal processes of different organizations.


Amy Payne

Amy Payne is a Certified Professional Organizer® and digital productivity consultant who specializes in CRM and Evernote. After building a successful home organizing firm, she is most passionate about utilizing technology to help other entrepreneurs and small businesses grow & have a greater impact!


Anant Aggarwal

I am a brand manager and digital marketer. I have been using Evernote for more than 10 years, so I can help you in using it effectively.


April Merritt

I am the digital organizer for overwhelmed professionals who want to bring order to their digital world so they can be more productive and have greater peace of mind. I specialize in Evernote, email management, and file organizing and can't wait to work with you!


Apurva Sheth

Would you like to boost your productivity ? I am a Mechanical Engineer with more than 20+ years of Experience working and my company UPPROD helps Organizations to achieve their true potential.


Athenee Mastrangelo

Digital Business Strategist. "She’ll Marie Kondo your online systems and put you back in the driver's seat so that you can have a clear view of your business and concentrate on your genius."


Benjamin Mahr

My name is Benjamin and I'm deep into GTD. Working with different Apps and Services to organize my Business and Private Life. I also love to teach people about new chances to organize their digital Life.


Bill Gluth

Over the years, I’ve learned that great ideas and brilliant strategies only work when they get accomplished. I enjoy showing my clients how to organize their best ideas and strategies, improve workflows and increase productivity using Evernote.


Bill Johnson

Productivity enthusiast who enjoys helping entrepreneurs, small businesses and teams find better workflows so that the workflow becomes automatic and each person can then focus on what they do best. I've been an Evernote user and consultant for over 10 years. I look forward to finding ways to help you.


Bill Risser

With 20+ years in the real estate space, I have helped hundreds of agents get started with Evernote. I believe starting small is key to adoption and engagement that leads to deeper usage.


Bill Sager

Organize teams of like minded people who will help each other live their dreams. People working together can help accomplish miracles. The problem of creating a meaningful internet relationship is to find a way we can help each other and then working together to accomplish that goal.


Frequently asked questions

What distinguishes an Evernote Certified Expert?

Experts are graduates of a rigorous program covering all things Evernote. The badge they earn signifies their knowledge and ability to help others get the most out of Evernote. Once an Expert completes certification, they stay current on updates, new features, and evolving best practices to grow their ability to coach and train others.

How can an Evernote Certified Expert help me?

Experts help you increase organization and productivity. They do this by taking time to understand your unique needs—getting to know you and how you work. Then, they use their Evernote knowledge to develop workflows, processes, and more so you can reach your goals faster.

Do Evernote Certified Experts charge a fee?

Experts are hired on a paid basis to help with coaching, productivity and organization improvements, and more. Each Expert has their own rates and policies. Visit their website to learn more.

Who can Evernote Certified Experts help?

Experts can help any individual, team, or business seeking to maximize their Evernote experience.

Are Evernote Certified Experts the same as customer support?

Though they’re certified by Evernote, Experts work independently and aren’t Evernote customer support. Please use this link if you wish to file a support ticket.

jon, Evernote Certified Expert

Evernote has a really strong user community. If you want to know how to do something, there's always someone who can help.

Jon Tromans - Evernote Certified Expert

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