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Capture and organize notes, files, photos, and voice memos in one place.
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Safe, secure cloud storage always keeps your information protected and private.
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Use Google or Siri as your digital assistant?

They speak Evernote too. Create, update, or search your note by voice command.
Share Your Thoughts

Share your thoughts

Want a friend to see your shopping list, recipe, or big vacation idea? Anything you put in Evernote can be easily shared with anyone you choose–even if they don’t have an Evernote account.
Snap Webpage Content

Snap webpage content

Our browser extension lets you hold onto anything you find on the web: whole pages, articles, recipes, images, PDFs, and more. Your clips are automatically organized with the notebooks and tags you choose.
Your To-do List

Your to-do list

Evernote can help you manage your everyday tasks and projects, and even remind you so you never miss a deadline.
More than a note-taking app, Evernote helps you to manage your entire day, no matter how much you have to do. Organize your work and unclutter your life with Evernote Premium.

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Evernote’s global community has over 10 years of helping Evernote customers. Let them help you find your focus and start taking notes like a pro.
Save for Later

Save for later

Keep and find all your favorite web content in one place with Web Clipper.
What’s in a note?

What’s in a note?

Think bigger. Here are 38 things you can save to Evernote right now.
Personal Growth

Personal Growth

Tips from leadership coaches Michael Hyatt and Marvell Allen.