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AI-Powered Search and AI Edit take care of time-consuming tasks with astounding results, so focus on getting things done.

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Power-up your search

Looking for information buried in your notes? Just ask Evernote! AI-Powered Search helps you get the right information from your notes—accurately, quickly, and conveniently.

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Improve your notes with AI Edit

Transform your notes and streamline your workflows with just one click. Use AI Edit to summarize, translate, spellcheck—and even write entirely new content!

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Bring your note-taking to the next level with Evernote

Your data security is our top priority

Each feature is designed to be privacy-first, so you can rest assured that your data is always secure. To learn more, read our full Privacy Policy and Supplemental Terms.


Always opt-in

All AI features are always opt-in, meaning AI will only be used on your account if you agree to it.


Always confidential

Your data is always confidential and is deleted by the third-party within 30 days.


Always mindful

We make sure that only the most relevant information is processed.


Never trained

Your data isn’t used to train an Evernote or a third-party AI model.

jon, Evernote Certified Expert

AI-Powered Search is amazing! I no longer have to look for an answer—Evernote gives me the answer.

Jon Tromans - Evernote Certified Expert

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