Keep your life on track with Evernote

Evernote brings your notes, tasks, and schedule together to keep you focused and organized all day long.

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Tame your busy day

Gather all your thoughts and everything you need to do in one place, wherever the day takes you, so you can get more done with less friction and effort.

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Cut through the chaos

Evernote is designed to help you focus. Home keeps your most relevant content front and center. With Tasks, your to-do lists sit next to the info you need to get started.

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Find what you need, fast

Organize your way with notebooks and tags, or leverage our powerful, intuitive AI-Powered Search feature to find anything. No matter which method you choose, your notes are always instantly available.

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Be ready for anything

Evernote Personal, Professional, and Teams work across all your devices. Your info is always at your fingertips so you can stay productive everywhere—even when you’re offline.

Get more from your notes

Link notes to calendar events to stay in your flow. Mark up images and PDFs for more context. Save searches and find text buried in attachments so nothing gets lost. Ever.

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Manage any project with ease

Use tasks, reminders, and notifications to stay focused on what matters now. Customize your Home dashboard and note templates so Evernote fits the way you think.

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sugeeth, Evernote Certified Expert

Evernote doesn't only help you research, plan, and organize your thoughts, but it helps you convert them into actions and empowers you to accomplish your goals.

Sugeeth Krishnamoorthy - Evernote Certified Expert

Say hello to a more organized life


Keep your to-do lists with related notes and manage them all in one convenient view.


Link notes to events in your calendar to make them more useful and easier to find.


Never forget when it’s time to tackle a task, start a meeting note, or revisit an idea.


Make Evernote yours with a customized Home dashboard, templates, and saved searches.


Articles, recipes, pages, images—keep track of everything useful you find online.


Stay in sync across an unlimited number of computers and mobile devices.


Find any text in any note, even if it’s handwritten or buried inside an attachment.

Go offline

No wi-fi? No problem. Keep working offline and sync when you have a signal.