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Seamless collaboration,
endless possibilities

Success requires deep work and teamwork.
Evernote Teams supports both.

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Empower everyone

Evernote lets each team member manage their own notes, assigned tasks, and schedule in one centralized place. Members can also come together for projects and meetings with intuitive collaboration.

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Get on the same page

Quickly see today’s priorities. Assign critical tasks to colleagues and track their progress. Let Evernote’s reminders and notifications keep you on track wherever you go, across computers and on all your mobile devices.

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Tap into team knowledge

Make important information easy to find. Shared notebooks and Spaces can help you build your company wiki, learn from campaign results, and apply insights to upcoming projects.

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Collaborate in real time

Work smarter and faster together. Edit notes simultaneously with your team so you can move ideas, plans, and projects forward.

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sara experts

My team uses Evernote to share and collaborate on blog posts, client information, expenses, and sales information. We wouldn't be as productive and successful without Evernote.

Sara Genrich - Evernote Certified Expert

Hit the ground running

Set your team up for success. Help everyone get the full value of Evernote fast with a variety of onboarding resources.

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Create a clear source of truth

Build a document repository that’s easily searchable. Keep important files secure with access permissions.

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Move projects forward

Collaborate on project plans, assign tasks to delegate responsibilities, and set reminders to keep everyone on track.

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Evernote works with the apps you already use to help you be more productive with less effort.

Make the most of your team’s brainpower

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Get centralized account administration for convenient user management.

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Keep information in the right hands with organization content ownership, SSO, and searchable logs.

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Find anything quickly, even handwritten notes, with our most powerful search options and filters.

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Assign tasks to colleagues along with the info they need to get started.

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Capture valuable content in your notes and build on it with your team.

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Keep all your important info in your notes with 20 GB monthly uploads + 2 GB per user.

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Link notes to Google Calendar events to make meeting prep a breeze.

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Gather related information in spaces to help your team see the big picture.