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Table Editing Comes to Evernote for iOS and Android

Whenever we ship a big new feature, we make sure you know about it. That makes sense, because big new features can change the way you think about Evernote, so it’s important for us to communicate about them.

But sometimes, little changes can make a big difference, too. Our new release of Evernote 10.6 on iOS and Android (OS 10 and up)—expected to roll out over the next two weeks—is an example of just that.

Because table editing in Evernote for iOS and Android is here.

For the first time, you can create, edit, and manage tables on mobile devices just like you can with Evernote for Mac, Windows, and web. Insert and delete columns and rows right from your smartphone or tablet, and merge cells within your table. Change how table cell contents are aligned, and even experiment with different cell background colors!

This is a capability that our customers have been asking for since the early days of Evernote on iPhone. You’ve always been able to edit the contents of tables on your phone or tablet, but it’s reasonable to expect the mobile experience to be similar to what you’ve long enjoyed on desktop. We heard you! With Evernote 10.6, we’ve brought table editing on mobile to parity with desktop devices. And not just that: Looking across the competitive landscape, we are confident that these new table editing capabilities are best-in-class for mobile.

This is all possible because of the investments we’ve made in our new clients over the last two years. We promised at the time that those investments would accelerate our ability to ship software and would bring a new era of innovation in Evernote. That includes big new features like Home on Mac, Windows, and web, which we introduced in January. But it also means small improvements that make Evernote better on the devices you use every day, like table editing on iOS and Android.

We have much still to do across the board—bugs to fix, performance to tune, legacy backlog to catch up. Today brings more progress in the form of another software release, this time with table editing on mobile. We hope you take some time to explore this new feature and see what you can do with it. In the meantime, we’ll keep the improvements coming as, together, we build an ever better Evernote.

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