Simplify with less paper

Reduce the clutter — physically and mentally

With Evernote, you can capture everything important to you and find it on any device to free up physical and mental space. Check out these resources to get started now. One place to start is creating a paperless office.

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Tips and Tricks

Get organized today

Use these how-to guides to set the stage for a more simplified life.

Don't let that idea slip away

Avoid the risk of letting a moment of inspiration pass you by. Here are four ways to quickly capture ideas with Evernote.

Save ideas quickly

Get more done with reminders

Reminders are a great way to keep track of notes that contain time-sensitive information or notes that you need in order to accomplish tasks.

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Ways to use Evernote to declutter

Start simplifying and organizing your life.

  • Collect it

    Create an central hub so everything is in one place. Use Web Clipper or forward emails into Evernote.

  • Scan it

    Use your device's camera and hover it above a document or business card—then just sit back and watch Evernote capture it with ease.

  • Organize it

    If information fits into multiple categories, no problem, you can can use multiple tags with relevant terms.

  • Find it

    Search like a pro to find what you need. You can even search handwritten notes and find words inside an image.

  • Reference it

    Access notes on the go. Need that warranty number? Itinerary? Measurements? It's available at your fingertips.

  • Protect it

    Encrypt text within a note to add an extra level of protection to private information. Pick and choose specific info to block.

Get more out of Evernote

Here are some additional practical ways to further simplify your life.

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Embrace minimalism

Experts on minimalism stay productive without losing focus on what’s important.

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Manage your tasks

Evernote is not just a workspace for ideas and projects—it can also be the central spot for organizing your tasks.

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Search Article

Find what you need

Evernote search is powerful. Here is a list of the most common search operators and examples of how to use them.

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Use templates

Instead of starting from scratch each time you need a frequently-used document, you can save or create templates.

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No more switching between apps. Now ideas can flow effortlessly.

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