10 Reasons to Love Web Clipper

Some things just go together. Peanut butter and jelly. Time and tide. Abbott and Costello. Web Clipper and Evernote.

Adding the Web Clipper extension to your browser makes Evernote a more powerful and essential part of your day. Here’s why:

1) So quick, it’s kinda like cheating – If I think an article or piece of inspiration will come in handy one day, Web Clipper lets me make it mine. I don’t need to wonder if I emailed it to myself or saved it to my bookmarks because I know it’s in Evernote.

2) You can’t bookmark everything – So they’ve figured out how to sync bookmarks to mobile browsers, but whether you’re on your phone or on your laptop, navigating through the folder tree of all the things you’ve saved is still messy. And it can feel like you only have room for the really important stuff—bookmarking every good GIF I’ve found would probably break my browser. With Web Clipper, you can save it all, and easily organize and find your clips later on any device.

3) Sometimes you need to share – I don’t even like cats, but my friend sure would love this listicle of cat GIFs I just found. Bam. Sent. Right from Web Clipper. Sharing clips with friends is as easy as saving them for yourself.

4) It’s permanent and it’s yours – Even the best content rots on the internet. With Web Clipper, you save the page or section you want as a note, instead of just grabbing the link. So you won’t have to deal with those pesky 404 pages and broken links anymore.

5) It keeps me on point – Sometimes I save things only to forget why it caught my eye in the first place. It’s kind of like going into a room and forgetting why you walked in there. But with Web Clipper, I highlight and annotate important sections so that I can easily flag the bits I wanted to revisit.

6) Goodbye, copy + paste – Before I got Web Clipper, I would copy and paste paragraphs I liked or entire articles I wanted to save into a new note in Evernote. But all the highlighting, pasting, and switching between apps (or toggling between browser tabs) takes up unnecessary time. With Web Clipper, I never need to copy and paste from the web.

7) It cleans pages up – Web Clipper strips out the ads and social tools, leaving me with just the content I want. This works especially well when clipping from Gmail, Amazon, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

8) It’s smart – Web Clipper learns on the go, figuring out over time which notebook I want to save specific pages to. For example, it suggests sending blog posts to my ‘Read Later’ notebook and travel confirmations to ‘Travel’.

9) It makes Google better – By turning on the related results setting in Web Clipper options, my own personal Evernote results privately show up alongside Google searches. It’s a good reminder of what I’ve clipped and how it relates to my search.

10) I can clip on mobile – You can even save web pages on iOS and Android devices. With this feature, I can clip where I do my most meaningful browsing: the bathroom. I mean… mobile. Yeah, mobile.

I use a lot of great extensions, but If I were to use only one, it’d be Web Clipper. I’d go so far as to say that if someone is using Evernote but not Web Clipper, they’re not even really using Evernote yet. Get it, fall in love with it, and thank me later.

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