Fourteen top features are now available for all users

14 top features are now available for all users - Evernote Blog

Fourteen of Evernote’s most powerful features are being made available for all users—free and paying alike. Here’s the full list (make sure you’ve updated to v10.76 to start using them): 

Editor | Access your notes, beyond the limits of time and Wi-Fi

Note history and restore (Formerly Personal)
Revisit old versions of your content with the option to restore them as separate notes. Learn more.

Offline notes and notebooks (Formerly Personal)
Make the most of Evernote’s functionality even when you don’t have an internet connection. All your changes will be synced the moment you’re back online. Learn more.

Attachments | Take full control of your files

PDF and image annotation (Formerly Personal)
Highlight, take notes, add reactions, or anonymize information directly in your PDFs and images. Learn more.

PDF export (Formerly Professional)
Export your notes and notebooks as PDFs and share them with those who don’t have an Evernote account (yet). Learn more.

Business card scanning (Formerly Professional)
Pull out the information directly from the card and add it to a note as searchable text. Learn more.

Spreadsheet preview (Formerly Professional)
Drag and drop your spreadsheets into your notes and see an interactive preview in Evernote. Learn more.

Search | Reliably find what you’re looking for

Boolean search (Formerly Professional)
Use AND, OR, NOT, and ( ) operators to combine or exclude keywords in a search query, resulting in more specific and customized results. Learn more.

Geographic search (Formerly Professional)
Find notes made on a mobile device based on where you were when you created them (provided that you had location tracking enabled at the time.) Learn more.

Document & image search (Formerly Professional)
Instantly find text in PDFs, word documents, images, presentations, and scanned documents. Learn more.

Please note that due to technical restrictions, document & image search can only be applied retroactively to accounts that upgrade to Professional. Free and Personal accounts with new access to this feature will be able to search documents uploaded from today onwards.

Email | Connect Evernote to your inbox

Email notes to Evernote (Formerly Personal)
Save everything important from your inbox directly in Evernote—simply forward the email to the address tied to your Evernote account, and it automatically appears in your note list. Learn more.

Share notes via email (Formerly Personal)
Easily share notes with your email contacts without leaving the Evernote app. Learn more.

Customization | Personalize your Evernote experience

Custom global keyboard shortcuts (Formerly Personal)
Global keyboard shortcuts trigger certain Evernote functions by using a unique key combination, even when Evernote is in the background. There are some presets, but you can now make them entirely your own. Learn more.

Customize the “create” button on Mobile (Formerly Personal)
Customize the create button to have your most-used actions at your fingertip. Learn more.

Custom templates (Formerly Personal)
Easily turn any of your notes into a template and leverage its structure time and time again. Learn more.

Unleash your productivity with Evernote Personal

With this change, Evernote Free and Personal users can now explore many of Evernote’s most exciting features for the first time. However, it’s the exclusive—and powerful—perks of paid subscriptions like Evernote Personal that unlock the app’s full potential: 

· (Near) limitless note creation. Free accounts are limited to 50 notes and 1 notebook. Evernote Personal customers can create up to 100,000 notes and 1,000 notebooks—more than enough for all of your needs (you could easily forward in your entire inbox, and still have space to spare).

· 8x bigger notes. As a free user, the size of each note is limited to 25MB. Instead, Personal customers can create notes up to 200MB in size. This comes out to about 200M characters (that’s the equivalent of 714,285 Tweets). And it’s not just about text—with this limit, you can attach all the documents, images, or audio recordings you want.

· A huge boost to your overall upload limits. Similarly, Evernote Personal comes with a much higher monthly upload limit: 10GB versus 60MB for Free. Use your 10GB to upload every single manual, receipt, and scanned handwritten note into Evernote. Then, use tools like document and image search to find what you need fast.

· Unlimited devices. With Evernote Personal, you can take all your content with you everywhere you go. Install Evernote on your laptop, phone, work computer, and tablet, and immediately access and sync your data whenever you need.

· And more—see the full breakdown on our Compare Plans page.

Are you trying these features for the first time? What do you think? If you have any ideas on how we might improve them, send us an email at feedback@evernote.com or tag us on your preferred social media (@evernote on all platforms).