A Message from the CEO

Evernote has been in the news lately, and I want to address you—our community, customers, and partners—directly to add some context about where we are and where we’re headed. Evernote is growing and has a healthy business. However, we invested too far ahead of that growth. To remain a healthy and profitable business, we must adjust quickly when part of our strategy is not meeting our expectations. Recent changes reflect this.

In a recent post, I wrote about the important role Evernote’s refreshed brand plays in the company and its future. Throughout that process, we refined and clarified why we exist as a company.

The answer was clear: because we care about what you care about. We exist to help you focus on what matters most. And what matters most to us is what you, our customers, need.

We’ve made some changes over the past few weeks that will keep us self-sufficient while we invest directly in the areas that will improve our products and your experiences with them.

A more focused leadership team

We’ve added new leaders for Engineering and for our People and Legal functions – both seasoned executives who have had an immediate impact to improve how we operate. Our Product and Marketing teams have united under a single leader, and we’ve elevated Brand and Communications perspectives into the core leadership team. We will be hiring a new CFO and in the meantime have a strong finance team in place.

These changes are designed to create more customer-focused teams and allow us to deliver product experiences at greater velocity and higher quality.

Operating more efficiently

After a successful 2017, I set incredibly aggressive goals for Evernote in 2018. Though we have steadily grown, we committed too many resources too quickly. We built up areas of our business in ways that have proven to be inefficient. Going forward, we are streamlining certain functions, like sales, so we can continue to speed up and scale others, like product development and engineering.

Doubling down on product development, both quality and velocity

Our dedication to delivering exceptional product experiences to our customers has not changed. We will continue to invest in our product, design and engineering teams. Long-requested new features like templates and tasks will ship very soon, and we are accelerating investment in our technical infrastructure to enable us to ship more of what you want, faster.

There is a lot to come from Evernote in the next couple of months and even more in 2019. And I’m grateful for your support along the way.