Evernote 8.0: Organization Made Simple

Getting organized and staying organized should consume as little time and effort as possible. That’s why we redesigned Evernote for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with speed and simplicity in mind, so you can spend more of your time capturing ideas and less time organizing and searching for them.  Say hello to Evernote 8.0, now available for download from the App Store.

To get the inside story on these changes, watch the Facebook Live event (originally streamed on Wednesday, January 18) with Kara Hodecker, Evernote’s product design manager, the woman behind our look and feel on iOS. Learn more »

What's New?

With your feature requests in mind, our iOS design and engineering teams set out to reimagine the Evernote experience from the ground up. Evernote 8.0 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is our fastest, most elegant iOS app ever:

  • Faster ways to find notes
  • New notes, now just one tap away
  • Add color and style to your notes

Faster ways to find notes

One of the first things you’ll notice is that we’ve improved the overall navigation structure so you can get to your notes quicker. We’ve removed the home screen so you’ll have immediate access to your most recently updated notes. This way, you can start working from where you last left off. No extra taps required.

You’ll also notice that the app has a fresh, new look. Even your note list has been spruced up so you can scan through your notes more quickly. Devoted notebook fans will also love the way Evernote 8.0 makes it easy to dive in and out of notebooks to find notes. Simply tap the notebook selector above any note list to jump into another notebook.

Do you organize with tags or reminders? Evernote 8.0 comes with two new search features you’ll appreciate. A quick tap of the alarm clock located at the top of any note list brings up all the notes you’ve set up with reminders. To see only those notes associated with particular tags, tap the tag button located at the top of any note list and select the tags you want to filter for.

New notes, now just one tap away

Note-taking should be simple, so we simplified it. Open Evernote and tap the green ‘plus sign’ button to create a new text note. Long press this same button and slide your finger to record audio, capture images (such as business cards, whiteboards, and receipts), and set up notifications to remind you to take action on a particular note.

Clarify with new colors and styles

Sometimes, plain black text isn’t enough. Evernote 8.0 gives you more ways to style your text. Use different colors and sizes to create headers and subheaders, call attention to key points, or make it easier to recall information. We make it easy by offering several pre-defined text colors and font sizes for you to choose from.

What’s new for our Evernote Business customers

For Evernote Business customers, who rely on Evernote to stay productive in both their personal and professional lives, there’s a clearer division between your personal and business notes, notebooks, shortcuts, and saved searches. This way, you won’t accidentally save a cake recipe to your company’s marketing team notebook and your company meeting notes won’t appear in your family’s shared travel planning notebook.

We’ve also made it easier to switch between your personal and business accounts. Simply long-press ‘Account’ on the tab bar to switch to another account.

We think that once you’ve set eyes on the new Evernote 8.0 app, you’ll agree with many of those in our Beta community who say it’s the best version of the Evernote iOS app ever. Try it today and you’ll see for yourself just how fast, simple, and elegant your Evernote experience on iOS can be. Download now »

See the Evernote Quick Start Guide for more about what you can do in Evernote.