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Home: Feedback and Insights for Evernote’s Latest Feature

UPDATED April 2021: Home is now available on mobile! Look out for it on your iOS or Android device in the next few weeks.

It’s now been just over a month since we released the latest Evernote feature, Home, in our new apps for Mac, Windows, and web. Since then, we’ve heard from you about what you love, how you’re using Home, and what you’re excited to see in the future. So, we thought we’d share. 

The reaction to Home has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re delighted to see our customers describe Home as “love at first sight,” “a game changer,” and “very useful,” and tell us that this first release of 2021 shows Evernote is “going in the right direction.” LifeWire, Engadget, and TechRadar (among others) have all spoken favorably of their first impressions, as have influencers such as Carl Pullein and Keep Productive’s Francesco D’Alessio.

But what's important isn't how much praise a feature gets, it’s how you use it. 

More than half of the Evernote customers who’ve seen Home have taken it for a spin. Not just looked at it, but poked around, tested it out, and explored how it fits into their workflow. This confirms something we’ve long known: that you’re not just looking for a place to store your ideas and information, but also for new ways to organize them intuitively, access them faster, and put them to work so you can get more done.

The most popular Home widgets have, unsurprisingly, turned out to be the notes and notebooks widgets—unsurprising because, right from the start, these have been the basic building blocks of Evernote. But we’re also witnessing strong popularity for the scratch pad. Like a memo pad next to the phone, this widget is perfect for capturing fleeting thoughts—in the moment, before you forget them. You can leave them there forever or convert them into a note at any time.

Where we have been surprised is at the level of customization from our Premium and Business customers. Although Home gives them the freedom to add or remove widgets, resize widgets on desktop, and change their background image, so far the default arrangement appears to meet most customers’ needs. The most common customizations are to move shortcuts and notebooks higher up the screen—an important indicator of which features they rely on most. And one in ten Premium customers has selected a new background from Home’s pre-loaded gallery of images—all of which were made by Evernote team members especially for you. 

Even though Home is available now on all your devices, our work hasn’t finished—in fact, it’s only just begun. We’re reading your comments and listening to your requests, and we’re working hard to make Home even better for you. We’re working on some of your top feature requests—like more widgets, more versatility, and more ways to personalize the information you see in Home. 

If you haven’t tried Home for yourself, download the latest version of Evernote to get started today!