Evernote Experts Monthly Roundup: Back to School With Evernote


Summer may be almost over, but the Evernote Experts have some hot tips on how to be organized and successful this school year. Learn how to be a star student using Evernote in this month’s featured Expert articles and videos. 

Between classes, events, and extracurriculars, college students stay busy! Expert Tony Ballantyne shares tips on how the Google Calendar integration in Evernote can help students organize their schedules and get helpful, timely reminders to take notes in class. Managing it all from Home in Evernote gives students a way to see their whole day on one page. Learn more

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Expert David Andrade specializes in knowing all about technology that supports educators and students alike, and one of his go-to tools is Evernote. With Evernote, students can collect data from the web, take notes in class, organize their tasks, and collaborate on projects. Learn more

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According to Expert Sara Genrich, nothing beats the flexibility of Evernote for students. Having so many apps out there can make knowing which to choose overwhelming, so Sara has put together her list of the best apps for students going back to school this fall. Learn more

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As a professor for over 20 years, Expert Dave Edwards has observed students improving their grades by just getting organized. Stay on track of assignments and deadlines by using Evernote to capture, record, and recall anything. Many students admit they’ve never been taught how to develop a learning system, so follow along as Dave shares some insider info. Watch the video

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Drawing on his decades of experience in higher education as both an educator and a student, Expert Stan Skrabut wrote a book to share all the ways you can use Evernote to be more successful in college. In his book, you’ll learn how to take your research to the next level, prepare for exams, organize your courses, and so much more. Get the book

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Power tip: Just because you aren’t going back to school doesn’t mean you aren’t a student! Looking to learn more about starting your own business? Experts Maika Endo and Lydia Martin have excellent resources to help you find clarity and start the business of your dreams. 

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