Evernote Experts Monthly Roundup: Getting Things Done With Evernote

There’s more to moving work forward than simply checking tasks off a to-do list, as the Evernote Experts can attest. As you’ll see below, they’ve unlocked the secret to actually Getting Things Done® with Evernote. 

Created by David Allen, Getting Things Done—or GTD—is founded on the principle of recording all your to-dos and projects, and then breaking them into actionable steps within defined time limits. It’s based on five fundamentals:

  1. Capture—Write, record, or gather anything and everything that has your attention into a collection tool, such as Evernote.
  2. Clarify—Is it actionable? If so, determine the steps required to tackle the tasks.
  3. Organize—Organize them by priority or category in your productivity system.
  4. Reflect—Review your content regularly to regain focus. 
  5. Engage—Make decisions with clarity.

Learn all about using GTD with Evernote in this month’s featured Expert articles and videos. 

Expert Stacey Harmon has been using Evernote since 2009, but when she discovered David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done,” it was a game-changer. Stacey started using Evernote to manage the productivity philosophy, and now it serves as the foundation of her daily productivity routine. She has since dedicated her career to helping others maximize their productivity and has many different resources for anyone wanting to learn more about using GTD with Evernote. 

Stacey has spent many years implementing GTD with Evernote. So if stress-free productivity sounds good to you, here’s your sign! And if you want more hands-on training, join her academy to elevate your GTD workflow. 

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After more than 30 years as a successful leader and mentor, Expert Dave Edwards is now using his knowledge and skills to help others become more effective and productive. As a practitioner of the Getting Things Done® method, Dave had the opportunity to do a video series where he interviewed David Allen and discussed all aspects of GTD, including reviewing the basics, productivity,  list-making, and list maintenance. As an avid Evernote user, Dave also breaks down how he personally set up and uses GTD with Evernote.  

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As a writer and developer, Expert Tony Ballantyne has perfected his productivity methods in order to keep his projects on track. GTD fits into Tony’s process of using Emacs—a text editing tool that helps you type as fast as you think—to help capture his thoughts, building a workflow from his head to his keyboard. Tony believes if your tasks are all recorded, they won’t be forgotten. Getting into this habit will help remove stress from your workflow, especially if you’re using the rest of Evernote’s productivity features, too.

Visit Tony’s website for more details on how he uses Evernote, GTD, and Emacs to build a powerful productivity system. \

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