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Evernote Experts Monthly Roundup: Capture Everything in Evernote

The Evernote Certified Experts know a thing or two about making the most of Evernote’s super searchable superpower. But you can easily replicate the secret to their success by doing one simple thing: capture everything into Evernote. Saving emails, attaching PDFs, or uploading images all into one Evernote account allows you to easily create a single source of truth or a database of your brain.

It’s like getting to physically search through your thoughts and ideas, not worrying about having to remember everything. Evernote does that for you. By putting everything in one place, you can save yourself time when looking for something and even reduce friction when trying to organize yourself.

It doesn’t come easy, however. Some Experts say they had to build a habit of capturing into Evernote or change their workflows. But the end result is the game changer that made all the difference for them. Learn what the Experts say about capturing in Evernote and how you can make a habit of capturing in Evernote, too.

As a teacher and practitioner of GTD®️, Expert Stacey Harmon focuses primarily on how to build capturing habits that can last a lifetime. From diving into the top Evernote capture features to her own personal tips and tricks, Stacey breaks down what it takes to start building your second brain in Evernote through her program, “The Practically Paperless Challenge.” Check out her blog, Habit Training: Capture Everything to Evernote, for a more in-depth look at her Expert advice and recommendations.

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Evernote Expert Vlad Campos has dived deep into Evernote’s capture possibilities. He truly believes that the sheer volume of information Evernote allows him to save, store, and search for later has enhanced his way of working and thinking. One of his favorite capture tools is the Evernote camera—whether he’s scanning handwritten notes and drawings or uploading images of his dog at the beach, it’s all saved in Evernote, all in the context of his thoughts, tasks, and notes. In this step-by-step video, Vlad teaches you how to really leverage the power of the Evernote camera.

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With so many ways to capture in Evernote, it’s hard to choose a favorite. But Evernote Expert Jon Tromans says import folders is one of the most useful capture features. He’s set up import folders on his desktop to easily and quickly send important files and information straight into Evernote with little to no effort. This powerful feature is free to every Evernote customer and takes just seconds to set up, as Jon teaches in his blog, Do You Use Import Folders In Evernote?

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For anyone who is constantly on the go, having a portable way to capture ideas, action items, and important information is critical. This is exactly what drew Evernote Expert Dave Edwards to use Evernote years ago. Traveling between offices in Wisconsin and Washington D.C., he needed to be able to take his “file cabinet” with him. Evernote has now evolved into an even faster way to capture and store everything you need with mobile widgets. Learn how to set up and use mobile Evernote widgets from Dave, so you can take your second brain with you everywhere you go.

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