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Evernote Experts’ Productivity Gift Guide

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With the holidays quickly approaching, and your calendar filling up with events, parties, and travel, get ahead of the gifting game by calling in the experts—the Evernote Experts, that is! Check out this list of their favorite productivity apps, tools, and books to fill the stockings of your organized (or want-to-be organized) friends and family.

Give the gift of digital productivity

Do you know someone who only uses the “free” version of everything? Give the gift of digital productivity this season! These apps and software solutions are the Evernote Experts’ go-to tools to be productive and professional.

Canva Pro: Save time while effortlessly producing eye-catching, high-quality content. 

Grammarly Premium: Spot spelling errors and get helpful tone adjustments for simple yet effective communication.

TextExpander: Skip the hassle of copy-and-paste by creating snippets of your most-used phrases, emails, and more.

LastPass: Nothing is quite as frustrating as trying to remember, or having to reset, your passwords. Give the gift of security and simplicity.

Items for improved efficiency

Gift wrap productivity this holiday season with one of these helpful presents.

Time Timer: Make time management less stressful by visualizing how much time you have to do a task! This visual timer is perfectly sized for a desk or kitchen, and lightweight enough to take with you anywhere you go!

Sonos Roam: Energize any mundane task with music. This speaker is portable and can pump up any space, indoors or outdoors.

Raven Scanner: Go paperless with this scanner which converts documents and photos into notes in Evernote. 

Yeti Rambler Water Bottle: Time is precious! This oversized water bottle will keep your drinks ice cold for hours, so you can stay hydrated and focused on the task at hand.

Books for productivity novices & enthusiasts alike

Sometimes the best gift is a good book you wouldn’t have thought to buy for yourself. Here are a few suggestions from the Evernote Experts’ Productivity Reading List.

Building a Second Brain: Learn how to combine timeless note-taking practices with modern, digital tools so you can get organized and create the life you want.

Tribe of Mentors: This book is packed full of short advice, tools, and habits from iconic entrepreneurs.

The 4-Hour Workweek: Find inspiration to evolve from the “live to work” mindset to a “work to live” lifestyle, achieved through streamlining workflows and daily tasks. 

Atomic Habits: Learn how to build good habits and break bad ones by getting 1% better every day.

Don’t forget to treat yourself!

Ask any Expert and they’ll tell you: The best gift you can give to yourself is the gift of Evernote this year!

Have a happy and productive holiday season!

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