Update: Evernote Free accounts will have fifty notes and one notebook

Evernote Free note & notebook limits

From December 4, the Evernote Free experience is changing. Going forward, new and existing Free users will have a maximum of fifty notes and one notebook per account. These limits refer to the number of notes and notebooks a user can have in their account at one time: you can always delete unwanted content to remain below the threshold.

In keeping with Evernote’s 3 Laws of Data Protection, and to ensure that you retain full ownership of your data, any Free user who currently has more than fifty notes and one notebook will still be able to view, edit, export, share, and delete existing notes and notebooks. 

These changes will be reflected in Compare Plans and System Limits starting on December 4.

What does this mean for Evernote Free users going forward?

Evernote Free will continue to be available for users who wish to explore Evernote before subscribing, or who are happy with Free’s more basic features. When setting the new limits, we considered that the majority of our Free users fall below the threshold of fifty notes and one notebook. As a result, the everyday experience for most Free users will remain unchanged.

For Free users who have or who want more than fifty notes and one notebook, we recognize that these changes may lead you to reconsider your relationship with Evernote. We hope the Free experience will continue to meet your needs, and that you’ll consider a paid subscription if you’re interested in exploring Evernote’s full potential and supporting its future development. There are exciting plans in store for Evernote, and we’d love for you to experience them.

What kind of work do you support when you subscribe to Evernote?

In the past year alone, the support of our customers has enabled us to improve Evernote’s core infrastructure and build innovative new features. Here are just some examples:

  • Immediate note content synchronization across devices with Real-Time Editing
  • Intuitive new AI features, like AI Note Cleanup and AI-Powered Search that make core Evernote functionalities more powerful than ever before
  • Huge improvements in overall stability thanks to large-scale migrations from the Evernote Monolith backend to independent microservices and other client-side changes
  • A noticeable increase in speed across all clients as an aggregate of countless small improvements made in the codebase
  • A lightning-fast initial downsync for Evernote Web after aligning our clients to a single storage system
  • Reinforced security with an updated two-factor authentication process
  • A new client navigation technology and architecture that lays the groundwork for exciting future development

Complex improvements like these are key to making Evernote a faster, more reliable, and more powerful tool for all users. They also serve as an essential foundation for even more great changes to come. It’s all made possible thanks to our customers’ continued and dedicated support. 💚