Introducing the new Microsoft Outlook Calendar integration

Introducing the new Microsoft Outlook Calendar integration

The new Microsoft Outlook Calendar integration is available now on version 10.79 and higher.

This highly requested integration works directly with the Microsoft API to quickly sync your events in the Evernote calendar. Once synced, you can easily create and access event-specific notes.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar - Create a note

Calendar-linked notes automatically include all the original event information. This information is searchable, so you can quickly find notes based on date, location, and meeting participants.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar - Event linked in note

Plus, you can easily share all the content with other participants (even if they’re not using Evernote).

Microsoft Outlook Calendar - Share notes

Ready to connect your Outlook Calendar? Follow these steps to get started.

More Calendar improvements coming soon

The new Outlook integration is only the first step. We’re already working on additional ways to increase Calendar functionality and integrate it better with many of Evernote’s other helpful tools. Here’s a quick glimpse at what we’re exploring:

  • The ability to create events in Evernote Calendar and see them reflected in your external calendar. This would turn Evernote into a comprehensive, fully functional scheduling tool.
  • An option to add tasks and reminders to your Evernote Calendar for a unified daily overview. This approach would simplify your planning and centralize all of your to-dos in one place for better task management.

Access the Calendar from anywhere in Evernote

Until recently, the Evernote Calendar was only accessible using a widget on the homepage. Now, it’s taken the place it deserves in the left-hand sidebar on Desktop, so you can instantly access a full view of your calendar.

New Evernote Calendar

Who can use Evernote Calendar?

Evernote Calendar is available for Personal, Professional, and Teams customers. Personal customers can connect one external calendar to their Evernote account. Professional and Teams customers can connect up to five accounts.

Are you a Free user interested in exploring Evernote Calendar’s full potential? Try one week of Evernote Professional for free.