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Moving the Evernote center of operations to Europe

On June 23, we announced to Evernote employees that most of our operations will be transitioned to Europe, the home of our parent company, Bending Spoons. We’re taking this step to boost operational efficiency and to make the most of the Bending Spoons employer brand, which is extremely strong in Europe.

Unfortunately, this transition required that most of our Chile- and US-based employees be laid off, and on July 5 the layoff communication took place. We’re committed to supporting those impacted with a substantial separation package. In most cases, this package includes 16 weeks of salary, up to one year of health insurance coverage, and a performance bonus, paid pro-rata as if the year-end performance targets have already been achieved. We’re also offering additional support to those in need, such as impacted individuals who are on a visa.

Our plans for Evernote are as ambitious as ever: Going forward, a dedicated (and growing) team based in Europe will continue to assume ownership of the Evernote product. This team will be in an ideal position to leverage the extensive expertise and strength of the 400-plus workforce at Bending Spoons, many of whom have been working on Evernote full-time since the acquisition.

We’re extremely thankful for the efforts and commitment of all our departing colleagues, and we wish them the very best for the future.