Evernote Launches New Features, New Plans for Personal and Professional Productivity

New subscription plans, Tasks, calendar, and additional Home capabilities supercharge Evernote’s apps and empower users to accomplish more

Redwood City, Calif., July 21, 2021 – Evernote, the productivity app that helps you remember everything and accomplish anything, today unveiled a lineup of new features and repackaged subscription plans that make it easier than ever for users to effectively manage their workflows and organize their lives. The introduction of Tasks, Google Calendar in Evernote, and new Home widgets to the app’s core note-taking capabilities acts as a force-multiplier, creating context for whatever needs to get done. Notes become more actionable, deadlines and to-dos become easier to track, and important information is surfaced in a neat, organized view.

Since rebuilding the platform in September 2020, Evernote has delivered a steady succession of new features and product improvements, from the launch of Home in January to Tasks in Early Access in June. Today’s official release of Tasks, Google Calendar integration, and expanded Home capabilities as part of the company’s repackaged plans makes it easy for anyone to create the right Evernote for them—no matter what they need to get done.

“While today is another significant step forward in delivering on our mission, together, these new features and plans represent a bigger shift: an expanded definition of Evernote’s fundamental value,” said Ian Small, CEO of Evernote. “To fulfill our original promise to become your external brain, we’re moving forward in ways that help you make valuable connections between information, so you see what you want, when you want it, and what you need to do with it. We will continue to partner in your process, amplifying the way you like to work and helping you focus on what’s needed to achieve your unique goals.”

Tasks in Evernote

By allowing users to create actionable tasks directly inside their notes, and also to manage them all from a unified view, Evernote bridges the gap between what users need to do and the information they need to do it. As part of today’s launch, Tasks can now be assigned to other Evernote users and soon to anyone with an email address—whether they use Evernote or not. Initially rolled out as an Early Access release in June, Tasks is now available as a general release across all devices.

Google Calendar in Evernote

Users can now connect Evernote to their Google Calendar accounts, making it seamless to create, link, and find notes for meetings and other events. With Google Calendar in Evernote, notes linked to events paint a more complete picture of what happened, when, and why. Ideas, decisions, and action items stay connected to the people, places, and activities that sparked them, without any extra effort. And the customizable calendar widget in Home helps users stay in the zone without leaving Evernote, while making it easy to create and access relevant notes. 

Home in Evernote

Introduced in January, Home is a one-stop dashboard that puts the information users need front-and-center so they can stay on top of their day without feeling overwhelmed. Today, new customization options for Home offer users a refreshed Evernote experience from the minute they open the app. This includes new widgets for Tasks and Google Calendar, as well as the ability to add multiple pinned notes and scratch pads (and change their pads’ color and title), so Home can be optimized to fit the ways individuals work and think. 

New subscription plans

As part of today’s announcement, four redesigned subscription plans arrange Evernote’s features and capabilities—both new and old—in easy-to-understand packages: 

  • Evernote Personal: The least expensive paid offering for individual power users was crafted with Evernote Premium as the foundation, but includes new ways for users to bring order to their days. With full-featured Tasks, new widgets for Home, and the ease that comes from connecting a Google Calendar account, Evernote Personal helps users stay focused on the activities and information they need for themselves, their homes, and their family.
  • Evernote Professional: Designed for the higher-end power user, the new Professional plan embraces the “whole person” model of an Evernote user: a busy professional who juggles information overload both at work and home. In addition to everything Evernote Personal has to offer, Evernote Professional adds Assignable Tasks, multiple Google Calendar accounts, deeper Home customization, and new, advanced search capabilities that amplify productivity at work and at home and deliver a feature-rich experience.
  • Evernote Teams: Formerly known as Evernote Business, Teams is designed for groups of people at work who need to collaborate and share knowledge in one convenient place. Every new feature being introduced today has been automatically added to Evernote Teams, creating new, immediate value to Evernote Business customers’ existing experiences.
  • Evernote Free: Evernote’s incredibly powerful and highly-valued free option retains the original mission of remember everything by enabling users to collect and manage everything important. Evernote Free will continue to incorporate smart, tailored experiences that help new customers onboard quickly and existing customers do even more. 

“Everyone is wired to do things differently, and our recent momentum and evolving mission has provided us the opportunity to address that,” said Michele Don Durbin, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Evernote. “The new plans ensure there’s something for everyone—whether you’d like to feel more organized and keep better track of important information, bring order to the chaos of your day, or ramp up your workplace efficiency, Evernote’s new plans are yet another step towards helping you find your productivity happy place.”

To access new Tasks, Home, and Google Calendar capabilities, users need to update to the latest version of Evernote on their devices. Evernote Premium users paying current subscription rates will automatically migrate to the new, more richly featured Evernote Personal offering at the price they are paying today. Basic and Business customers will remain on their newly renamed plans at the same price they pay today. Plus and legacy-priced Premium customers keep their current existing plans without any price increase.