Introducing Spaces in Evernote Business: Collaboration Made Easier

Today, information is increasing in both velocity and volume. As a matter of fact, data doubles every 14 months, creating a challenge for individuals to stay on top of the things that matter. The problem is compounded with teams of people. We spend roughly a quarter of our lives at work, 80% of our time in communication with others, and 2.5 hours each day searching for “the right” information. The way people currently work is broken, and as the speed of business increases and the DNA of highly effective teams evolves, people need a way to work in one place, share knowledge, information, and keep work organized.

Our users have provided invaluable feedback and we’ve listened. Say hello to Spaces, new in a reimagined Evernote Business.

Turn ideas into action

Spaces in Evernote Business helps teams more effectively turn their ideas into action and move projects forward. As a home for all your team’s work, Spaces get everyone on the same page by effortlessly surfacing the most relevant and up-to-date information to each member of your team. And, by saving your ideas and inspiration forever, your team won’t lose work or duplicate past efforts.

Work effortlessly with others

Most people think of Evernote as the leading personal productivity product. However, beyond personal use, we recognize that great work and big changes come from both individuals AND teams. Equally, your best work doesn’t live in just one document, whiteboard idea, or notebook.

We designed Spaces with this intention. In order for a team to reach its maximum potential, members must be able to come together in a singular space where they can share ideas, information, and inspiration to create their best work. Spaces unlocks the power of teamwork by effortlessly collecting, organizing, and sharing information among teams.

Be better together

Spaces allows each team member to see the bigger picture by using the “What’s new” and “Pinned notes” tiles to help them stay on top of changes happening in a space and highlight what’s important in the activity. Teams can tap into business knowledge by making their spaces discoverable, as well as discover new ones in the Space Directory.

With Spaces, Evernote Business users are more empowered to do their best work.

Spaces is currently only available for Evernote Business users. Find out more about Spaces or start a free trial.

This is just the beginning. Our commitment to helping teams do their best work will continue as Evernote Business evolves with new features, partner integrations, and innovations in search and collaboration.