We're making Tasks, Calendar, and Home better—try them for free!

Historically, Evernote Tasks, Calendar, and Home customization have only been available with Evernote Personal, Professional, and Teams subscriptions.

We’re currently working on several exciting changes and improvements to these features—in the meantime, everyone can explore Tasks, Calendar, and Home for free! We encourage you to explore all the ways these features can improve your note-taking, organization, and productivity. 🚀

Some recent feature improvements 

  • Tasks: We're bulking up Tasks with a full-screen view that includes multiple tabs, and two helpful new fields: description and priority. Share your feedback!
  • Calendar: We’ve introduced a native Evernote Calendar for anyone who wants to use the feature without connecting a Google or Microsoft Outlook calendar. We're also exploring two-way sync, so that events created in Evernote reflect directly on your external calendar.
  • Home: While there are no improvements to Home personalization in the roadmap (yet!), improving Tasks and Calendar will make the Home widget experience much richer as well.

Take your Evernote experience to the next level

With this change, Evernote Free users can try some of Evernote’s most exciting features for the first time. However, a paid subscription—like Evernote Personal—is still the best way to take advantage of everything the app has to offer:

  • (Near) limitless note creation. Free accounts are limited to 50 notes and 1 notebook. Evernote Personal customers can create up to 100,000 notes and 1,000 notebooks.
  • 8x bigger notes. As a free user, the size of each note is limited to 25MB. Instead, Personal customers can create notes up to 200MB in size (about 200M characters).
  • A huge boost to your overall upload limits. Similarly, Evernote Personal comes with a much higher monthly upload limit: 10GB versus 60MB for Free.
  • Unlimited devices. With Evernote Personal, you can take all your content with you everywhere you go. Install Evernote on your laptop, phone, work computer, and tablet, and immediately access and sync your data whenever you need.

And more—see the full breakdown on our Compare Plans page.

Are you trying these features for the first time? What do you think? If you have any ideas on how we might improve them, send us your feedback or tag @evernote.