Turn To-Do Into Done With Tasks

If you’re like most people, you probably keep to-do lists in Evernote or use Evernote in tandem with a dedicated to-do app. Now we’ve made it easier to stay on top of it all, by bringing your to-dos and notes together with our latest feature: Tasks

With Tasks, your notes and to-dos no longer have to be managed in two separate places—your to-dos can live inside your notes, complete with priority flags, due dates, and reminders to help you get your schedule out of your head. Tasks allows you to keep the things you have to do connected to the information you need to do them, so you can be confident that nothing will get lost in the shuffle.

Tasks will be officially released later this year, but we’re giving you full access to all features within Tasks right now during a special Early Access period, rolling out to the latest versions of Evernote in the coming weeks. Please note that certain features will be limited to specific Evernote plans when Tasks is officially released.

Tasks and notes make each other more useful

With Tasks, your to-dos and notes both have more context. This helps keep all the details you need to get things done right at your fingertips.

Make your notes actionable

You can place any task in a note alongside related content you’ve captured. For example, if you have a note with a PDF you need to read in preparation for an upcoming meeting, you might add the following task to that note: “Review PDF before meeting.”

Get an overview of everything you need to do

Unlike checklists, Evernote brings all your tasks together into one view, instantly accessible from the navigation sidebar—so you don’t have to go hunting from note-to-note to find the next thing to do. Your “Review PDF before meeting” task from the example above will show up in your Tasks view automatically. You can add, check off, or edit any task either from the Tasks view or from inside your notes. Changes you make in one place instantly show up in the other. 

Quickly focus on the information relevant to the task at hand

One click takes you from your Tasks view to the related note. This means that when you’re looking at all your tasks and you see the next thing you need to do is “Review PDF before meeting,” just click the title of the note that contains that task. Right away, you’re in the right note with all the information you need—so much faster than moving back and forth between your notes and a dedicated to-do list app. 

Tasks remember the details (so you don’t have to)

Another way tasks are more powerful than checklists is that they help you get scheduling details out of your head, so you can cut down on information overload and put your effort where it counts. 

Never miss a deadline

Set due dates on your tasks to stay focused on your important work, instead of straining to remember deadlines. 

See the right task, at the right time 

Add reminders to any task to see the right action item when you need it, and enable notifications to get important alerts—even when you’re not in Evernote. Need to revisit the same project multiple times? Evernote lets you add up to five reminders to a given task. 

Master your priorities

Flag your most important tasks to make them stand out at a glance. You can also sort the Tasks view by flagged status, note title, or due date so you only see the tasks that matter, in the moment. For even tighter focus, you can filter the Tasks view to show only tasks due within a specific date range or located in a particular notebook or space.

Start each day with a clearer path to reaching your goals. Update your Evernote app to enable Tasks. To learn more about how Tasks works, check out this Help & Learning article.